Sauce سُس

A Simple kind of sauce
A Simple kind of sauceسس ساده

Step 1 A Simple kind of sauce The recipe Add the butter to a hot pan, then add the flour and stir. Add a glass of milk, salt and paper. Keep stirring...

Salad dressing

Step 1 Salad dressing The recipe: Add 1 or 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of yogurt, salt, pepper, olive oil, vinegar and lemon j...

Mushroom sauce
Mushroom sauceسس قارچ

Recipe: Roast the chopped mushroom in butter, and solve corn starch with milk, and add it to chopped mushroom, then pour salt and pepper. When..

Yogurt sauce
Yogurt sauceسس ماست

Step 1 Yogurt sauce: Recipe: just mix all materials Note: we can use mustard sauce instead of ketchup..

Special sauce mushroom burger
Special sauce mushroom burgerسس مخصوص قارچ برگر

Step 1 Special sauce mushroom burger: Recipe: Fry mushrooms in oil,....

Water catch sauce
Water catch sauceسس واتر اسکاچ

Recipe: Stir egg yolk, vanilla and sugar powder, and then add caramel syrup. This sauce use for the ice creams ...

Hot tomato sauce
Hot tomato sauceهات سس گوجه فرنگی

Put the mixture of butter / oil, fried onion, capsicum in a pan on the stove to boil. Hot tomato sauce use for all types of..

Babaria cream
Babaria creamکرم با باریا 2 رنگ

Step 1 Babaria cream Recipe: Solve gelatin with water in bell mari method. Stir sugar powder, vanilla and..

Orange cream
Orange creamکرم پرتقال

Step 1 Orange cream Recipe: Mix one tablespoon of orange syrup with 1/2 module water, and mix it with corn starch. Put it in a pot on the heat of the gas for five minutes....