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Blubbery shake
Cherry shake: Strawberry shake : Blubbery shake :شیک توت فرنگی

3 or 4 number of mixed Strawberry(puree of strawberry) 3 scopes ice cream 1/2 module,...

Coffee diplomatقهوه دیپلمات کافی

Recipe: Mix all materials except soda, put it on the heat of the gas . Pour it in a glass. Convert soda to the foam, and pour it on coffee...

Ace coffee milk
Ace coffee milk آیس کافی میلک

Pour pieces of ice in a glass, and pour a little chocolate sauce or coffee sauce. Mix sugar, Nescafe, milk and water by agitator. After mixing, pour it in the glass...

Coffee shake _ Nescafe shake
Coffee shake / Nescafe shake

Mix all materials together. Mix coffee sauce, creamy, sugar powder, coffee, flat chocolate together and design it...

Café oleکافه اوله

Recipe: Mix milk, Nescafe and creamy together. Put it on the heat of the gas to boil. Pour it in glass, and pour a little creamy which creates the foam...

Napoli taanam coffee
Napoli taanam coffeeکافه نایل

Mix mickles powder with other materials, and put it on the heat of the gas to boil, and then pour it in glass....

mango glace

Put orange, jelly and orange rings at the bottom of the glass...

Café glace
CAFÉ GLACEکافه گلاسه اولین نوشیدنی

Mix milk, Nescafe, sugar powder and creamy t...

Sun shine
Sun shineسان شاین

Let it to be ready, and then add ice cream, pour a little jelly from the other color, wai...

Turkish coffee
Turkish coffeeقهوه ترک

Recipe: pour sugar, coffee and water in coffee pot, and put it on the mild heat of the gas. Wait a few minutes and remove it from the gas before spilling....



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