Easy swallowed candy
Easy swallowed candyراحت الحلقوم

Mix a half of water with wheat starch. The mixture should be homogeneous. Mix the rest of water with sugar, gelatin and citric acid, and...

Oskar cookie
Oskar cookieشیرینی سوئدی

Mix butter, sugar powder, cardamom and vanilla, by agitator, and then add white flour to get dough. Make the dough in circular shapes...

Grenade cream
Grenade creamخامه نارنجک

Mix water, oil and molasses, and out it on the heat of the gas to boil. Add white flour, and stir it to be homogeneous. Remove it from the gas, and then add eggs to it. Add ...

Chocolate ball dessert
Chocolate ball dessertتوپه شکلاتی

Smash the biscuits in a bowl, then add 50 grams of butter (which is already heated and melted) and mix (preferably with hands). Add cocoa powder...

Marmalade biscuit
Marmalade biscuitبیسکویت مارمالاد

Recipe: Stir butter, sugar powder, vanilla and egg yolk by mixer, and then add milk. Add flour, and spread out the dough, mold it or pour it in biscuit dev...

Nescafe biscuit
Nescafe biscuitبیسکویت نسکافه

Recipe: Mix sugar powder, Nescafe and butter by agitator and then add white flour to get dough. Make the dough circularly, and put it in tray...

Checkered biscuit
Checkered biscuitبیسکویت شطرنجی

Step 1 Checkered biscuit Recipe: Stir oil, egg yolk, vanilla and sugar powder together, and then add white flour to get..

Scottish biscuit
Scottish biscuitبیسکویت اسکاتلندی

Sweets are one of the most popular foods and usually each country has its own sweets. Scotland with all kinds of delicio...

Flavored butter
Flavored butterکره طعم دار

Melt half, butter on bell mari heat, be careful that do not melt too much. For serving the food mix it with dried aromatic vegetables. Pour it in the...

Color sugar
Color sugarشکر رنگی

Ingredients for the sugar: Coarse grains, sugar Sugar essence Egg white Milk Recipe: Mix sugar and sugar essence together. Add egg white ...

Chickpea cookie کلوچه نخود

Sieve chickpea flour and sugar powder, and then mix together. Add cardamom , and warm the oil.

Fasayi bread نان فسایی

Sieve sugar powder and chickpea flour, and mix it with white flour and cardamom .

Walnut bread نان گردویی

Put oil paper on tray of the oven. Mix egg yolk with sugar and vanilla by a mixer to be rigid.

Coconut bread نان نارگیلی

Recipe: Stir egg white to be rigid, and add sugar soil gradually to it, and pour it in desire dish.

Diet ice cream بستنی رژیمی

The recipe: Mix ice cream, sugar powder and yogurt to be homogeneous.