Cake کیک

Cheese cake
Tasty cheese

Mix sugar powder and essence by agitator to be cream-color, and then solve gelatin in pineapple juice on the heat of bell Mari...

Sponge cake
Tasty cheese

Separate yolk and albumen of the eggs, mix the albumen (the container does not return)...

An Egg cake
Tasty cheese

At first, mix the egg, vanilla and sugar to be cream color,and then add oil, milk and yogurt and set ag..

Two color cake
Two color cakeکیک 2 رنگ

At first, mix sugar, eggs and vanilla with an agitator to be cream-color, and then add oil. So that mixed, and at ...

Milk cake
Milk cakeکیک شیر

Mix sugar, eggs and vanilla by agitator to be cream-color. , and then add oil and milk. Stir it to mix...

Orange cake
ORANGE CAKEکیک پرتغال

Separate yolk and albumen of the eggs. Mix the albumen , add a bit of sugar to the albumen ,and then mix the albumen an...

English cake
English cakeکیک انگلیسی

Separate yolk and albumen of the eggs, mix the albumen, add sugar and oil, and then add the yolk of eggs one by...

Cocoa cake
Cocoa cake

Sift the flour, cocoa and baking powder into a large bowl. Then add sugar, egg, milk and oil, and mix it with a mixer for one minute ( if no available mix...

Zucchini cake

To bake this delicious cake, we used a 25 cm diameter mold, you can use other molds that are available. If you like...

Beravi cake
English cakeکیک انگلیسی

At first, mix oil, sugar and vanilla by agitator, and add the eggs one by one. Add marmalade and milk, set ..