Soup سوپ

plum Aash
A recipe for grain, apricot leaflet and plum Aash

Dice garlic and roast it. Wash grain before cooking. Now cook it in much water. Add legume...

White soup
White soup (creamy soup)سوپ سفید

Add oatmeal, carrots, water and chicken extract to a pot. Let boil till the oatmeal becomes soft. Then, fry the mushroom in a little bu...

Ash reshteh
Ash reshteh (Noodle potage)طرز تهیه آش رشته

Slice 2 large onions add to a pot and fry with a lot of oil. When the color of onion starts to change...

Tahchin ( Rice Cake )ته چین

Steps to make: Pour lentils in water and let become half cooked. Chop carrot and add. When coked completely, add diced spinach.